A Round-Up Of News To Make Your Blood Boil

Do you find it galling that after all this time being called “radical, violent, right-wing extremists”, we now have multiple examples in one day of psychotic liberals going cuckoo?

Yeah, so Russ Carnahan’s office was burned. Tea Partier? Nope! TPM blogger and Carnahan staffer.

The Department of Homeland Security, you know, the dudes are taking our civil liberties away to keep us safe..yeah them, released around 500 illegal aliens from terrorist nations. Trust them!

Attorney General Eric Holder is going after (terrorists? please, please, please say yes) pro-life protesters.

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The Department of Education is targeting conservative-led New Jersey on clerical errors to deny them money for education. Get rid of that vile agency, I say.

Hypocritical, unprincipled Democrats are re-thinking that whole “get rid of the filibuster” deal–just in time to get their asses kicked.

And for some reason, this story irritates me the worst. The moderates, independents, libertarians, RINOs, and trend-followers (but I repeat myself) who voted for Barack Obama are wiggling around like live bugs pinned to card-board. The latest entre is from someone I respect, but her latest post is really hard to take. Megan McArdle absolves President Obama saying, essentially, that there’s nothing he can do or could have done to help the economy. Au contraire. Nothing is something he could have done and would have better than what he did do.

Instead, the great meddler, the Man Who Knows Everything, well, he’s made everything worse. And it is going to get worse. You do not rape the private sector, leaving her terrified and shivering in the corner, and expect her to enjoy the company of men again and start cranking out babies any time soon. The private sector is paralyzed. They see taxation looming and cower. They see huge new commitments to workers and tremble. And that was the President’s doing. His. And the leftist loons in Congress. But hey, credit where credit is due.

Say it with me lefties and weak middle of the roaders: It’s Obama’s Fault. Get used to it, because his actions are going to harm us for a long time.

Oh, I was going to end with that, but the new day is young and it looks to be craptastic.

The media is getting stupider.

Freedom Works is moving headquarters because of death threats by LIBERAL CRAZIES.

Democrats are starting to get it. People hate you. They really hate you.

Oh, and Ken Mehlman is gay. BFD. Everyone already knew that. I don’t care. WHO DOES? Why the liberals this elite ass-clown is helping, that’s who cares. So another Republican know-better-than-you-elitist-inside-the-beltway-smartypants jerk is going to help create a wedge issue for his own party. This has nothing to do with who he’s screwing–wait yes it does. He’s screwing his party and the base. Well done.

Finally, and only because I’m exhausted, David “Genius” Broder gives John McCain advice about how to screw his party lead (via @Allahpundit of HotAir). As IF John McCain needs any advice about that.

Sorry to ruin your breakfast.

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