A Short, Obligatory Post About The “Slurs” At The Capitol Hill Tea Party

If anyone at the Tea Party on Capitol Hill dropped the N-bomb, used any other kind of offensive slur like “f@ggot or wetback, or spit on anyone, I uncategorically condemn their behavior.

Moreover, let me add that I don’t think it’s impossible that such things could have happened. The world’s full of idiots and it’s entirely possible a few of them showed up on Capitol Hill on the day of the Tea Party.

That being said, we have no proof whatsoever that it happened. There’s no video. There’s no credible source that saw it happen. All we have are a bunch of Democrats on Capitol Hill with every incentive to lie, claiming that nameless people said crude things to them.

If you’re asking, do I think it’s entirely possible that these congressmen are lying about someone calling them the n-bomb or f@ggot, the answer to that is “Yes, absolutely they may be lying.” After all, they’re congressmen — they lie for a living.

So again, if it happened, I condemn. On the other hand, if it didn’t happen, shame on those Democratic congressmen for lying and on the mainstream media for reporting their charges as fact without any hard evidence to back it up.

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