A Thank You Call to America’s Worst Sheriff

The worst sheriff in America, Pima County’s irresponsible Clarence Dupnik, has accomplished notable achievements in the past. For example, he assisted in the non-prosecution of fellow moonbats who threw pies at Ann Coulter when she tried to speak at the University of Arizona. When SB1070 passed with the overwhelming support of Arizona citizens alarmed by the inundation of the state by illegal aliens, this sheriff of a border county refused to enforce it.

But only after ignoring numerous warnings that Jared Loughner’s psychosis would explode into violence and providing no security for Gabrielle Giffords’s Congress on Your Corner event, then covering his incompetence by incongruously blaming the ensuing bloodbath on conservatives and taking the opportunity to denounce his own state as “the Mecca for prejudice and bigotry” has Dupnik achieved the ultimate liberal honor — a personal call from the Moonbat Messiah himself to thank him for a job well done.

Not just anyone gets a call like this. His heavy golf schedule doesn’t leave Comrade Obama with a lot of free time.

Dupnik may be inept as a law enforcement officer, but when it comes to sowing seeds of discord and warping reality to fit hard left talking points, even liberal establishment pundits who are paid $millions per year are reduced to merely echoing his grotesque accusations. Gateway Pundit thinks we may have found a replacement for Robert Gibbs. Dupnik’s devotion to partisan politics rather than public safety would make him even more suitable to head the DHS, after the clueless Big Sis inevitably resigns in disgrace.

What if Barney Fife were a barking moonbat — and they made him sheriff?

On tips from BURNING HOT and SR. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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