A Union Member’s Plan to Cause Financial Panic in the USA

A former union executive attended an extremist conference in New York last weekend and there he laid out the sort of plan that every union member dreams of, one that will destroy the American system and replace it with a socialist fantasy run by unions and anti-capitalists.

Steve Lerner was a member of one of the largest, most powerful unions in the United States, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) a union that controls many of our various government employees. He is full of loathing for capitalism and the American system and has plans to take it down.

He wants to cause the sort of chaos that makes the last financial panic look mild. The key, he said, was to entice Americans to all stop paying their mortgages at the same time. This, he proposed, would cause a financial meltdown of epic proportions.

We could “literally start another financial crisis,” he dreamily told his audience. His goal was to destroy our financial system to “create uncertainty” and to “disrupt them” so that he can institute a socialist system of free homes for everyone and full control of the economy given over to Big Labor.

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Later one of the organizers of the event favorably quoted the Cloward-Piven strategy, a plan meant to destroy America’s system and institute a radical, socialist agenda in its place.

This recording was created on March 19, 2011, at The Left Forum, held at Pace University in New York.

As Ed Morrissey notes, Lerner was fired by the SEIU for trying to use millions of the union’s dues money to try and implement his crazy, anti-American scheme. So, now he’s desperately reaching out to other communists and socialists in hopes of getting his destructive game off the ground. (Ed has a full transcript on his post, too)

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