A Woman-Beating Creep? OR a Perfect Democrat? You Decide

Well, this guy is a major creep no matter. But his actions make me wonder if he is just a no good girlfriend beater, or the perfectly obvious outcome of left-wing philosophy and therefore quite logical.

A Seattle area man named Graydon Smith was rather fond of beating up his pregnant 19-year-old girlfriend. The 31-year-old was, though, vaguely conscious that hitting her in the stomach might hurt the baby. Still, he did not see why a silly thing like pregnancy should stop him from doing what he enjoyed. So Smith had himself an epiphany.

Smith had his 19-year-old girlfriend sign an “abuse contract” that gave him permission to beat her up as long as he didn’t hit her in the stomach.

See? Problem solved. Everyone should be happy.

Well, the police were still not amused. In a particularly vicious display of violent intent, Graydon threatened to kill the poor girl and so she went to police for protection. When they confronted the creep he denied threatening to kill her but admitted the whole “abuse contract” scheme.

This all was not enough to get him arrested, apparently. It wasn’t until a month later that police finally caught Smith in the act beating his girlfriend. They intervened between this junior lawyer and his bloodied girlfriend and carted the creep off to jail.

You might wonder where the tie-in with this idiot and the sad end game of left-wing thinking comes in? Well, isn’t it obvious?

Graydon Smith loved beating up his girlfriend and she didn’t seem so against it that she would refuse to sign a contract to allow him to beat her, right? So who are we to say that Mr. Graydon Smith was doing something wrong, eh?

Employing left-wing thinking, this violent man did what every leftist says should be done. He indulged his inner desires — because his “rights” to do as he wishes are sacrosanct — he found someone that would make a “consensus” with him — the foolish girlfriend was there for him — he cloaked his desires in the color of law — he had a “contract” and everything — and he looked for “acceptance” for his proclivities — he HAD a contract, don’t you see!

I mean, nothing is wrong or right… right? How could he be wrong using the left’s logic? What more could he have done to justify his actions? After all, he utilized every means to legitimacy that the left uses every day. Besides, who are we to say he is a bad guy? If his abused girlfriend signed the contract, isn’t she consenting?

Naturally I am not justifying this creep’s supposed contract nor do I think that someone can sign herself into being abused. But, then again, I believe in moral absolutes. Since the left does not, they have no leg to stand on to tell this guy that his contract and his girlfriend’s consent to sign it is wrong. They have no moral grounds to say that Mr. Graydon Smith is wrong. In fact, the left’s every way of thinking leads to the very actions Mr. Smith took.

So, this Smith guy is definitely a class “A” creep. But he is also the perfect, logical end of left-wing, Democrat ideology. What makes this whole story all the more sad is that half the American electorate is on the side of a woman-beating, creep like Graydon Smith.

(H/T HotAir.com)

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