A Wonderful Example of the Left’s Fascism at Chicagoland Radio and Media Message Board

The fascist way that the left deals with opinion differing from its own is just one of the many reasons why the left in America today is so hypocritical. Aside from the oppressive aire of our Universities and colleges no better example of the quashing of opposing views can be seen than on Internet message boards. And on the Chicagoland Radio and Media website we have as perfect an example as one can find.

The altercation that revealed a leftist’s fascist fascination with quashing differing opinion happened in a discussion analyzing a Chicago radio station’s relative political bent. This altercation occurred between the owner of the board me, a fellow that goes under the fake name “Larz.” (I posted under my own, full name.)

Over the years I have become wary of anyone that refuses to use his proper name on the web. Though I have done so in the past myself, I have shied away from it as time has progressed. It’s one thing to be just a commenter on a site using a fake Internet handle, but when it comes to people that wish to run major websites anonymously, that always makes me suspicious of their motives and veracity. We start off right away with a deficit of trust when people run sites under cutesy names. And after seeing the skewed “opinion” of this “Larz” fellow, trust is definitely a forlorn hope.

As I was saying we were discussing the political leaning of one of Chicago’s largest radio stations. It is, of course, a lefty station. Now, it isn’t that the station is a politics talk station, it isn’t, its programming is more for lite entertainment than politics. But the station is in downtown Chicago and politics is naturally a common topic of discussion. In fact it is almost a daily topic with one host or all.

As far as the hosts go, only one of the station’s many hosts is conservative. The rest, while not being political talkers, are all down the line liberal. They support abortion, they all voted for Obama — admittedly so — and in every discussion they tend toward the liberal side of any argument.

There really is no possible way to deny this fact. The station is a liberal station. And that is precisely what I said. I said the station was “lefty,” I called it “liberal” and I said that the hosts were all sympathetic to the Democrats. Heck, one of the station’s hosts was once a Democrat Alderman in the City of Chicago not to mention a recently discharged prisoner made so by his corruption in office.

Now, in my posts I did not use words like “crazy,” nor did I say the hosts were anything like “extreme,” or “communist,” or “socialist.” I merely stated the simple fact that the station is mostly a left-leaning station.

“Larz” disagreed. And he went off on some rant about me not living in “reality” and told one and all that he was going to save me from being “flamed for weeks” over my post by correcting my misconceptions.

His desire to save me from being “flamed for weeks,” was touching though a bit silly. Why I should care if a bunch of “people” not using their real names on a message board were mad at me is something that I can’t quite fathom. Their opinion of me makes no difference in my life at all. I mean, why should I really care what a bunch of nameless message board “people” think of me? And why should they care what I think of them? I can’t see how it should. The site is mere entertainment, after all. It ain’t rocket science or a world changing affair. It’s just a message board.

In any case, I made a reply to “Larz” and leaving my first sentence untouched here is what he did to my post…

Larz, your own left-wing ideology caused you to read all sorts of things into my reply.

(ADMIN NOTE: The balance of this message had to be edited out. This is a media site. This is not a website where people can spout off extremist and slanderous views on a radio station’s employees, that have no basis in reality, accusing them of saying or doing things they have not done. Nor is it a site to sound off on communism (or a twisted view of it), abortion, or a perceived biased media (based on false information). There are plenty of sites that enjoy that type of extreme views on American life & liberty. This just isn’t one of them.)

Nice, eh? The fascist way he deleted my comment and replaced it with his outright lies about what I said is such a prosaic example of the left’s penchant for thuggery, oppression, and a fascist tendency to quash debate that it would be funny if it wasn’t so common.

Of course, this isn’t my only run in with the infamous “Larz.” He’s deleted my comments many times before. But now he’s resorted to altering my comments, lying about what I wrote, and oppressing free and open discussion.

So, there you have it. Just another example of the left’s hatred for open debate and free speech. Poor “Larz.” Such a loony tyrant. For a liberal his actions are decidedly illiberal. But those actions are typically leftist. Just ask Christopher Hitchens or David Horowitz.

Addendum: I just wanted to pop back to this piece and add something that I feel is important to note. For those folks in Chicago interested in Chicago radio and media, there really is no better site than the very site I am chastising here. The Chicagoland Radio and Media is really a great site for up to date news about Chicago radio. So, I don’t want folks to think I am denigrating it wholly and saying it is not worth visiting. So, do go to the site to keep abreast of the goings on in Chicago radio… just don’t expect to be treated fairly and don’t expect to feel welcome if you aren’t a leftist like “Larz” and all his buddies.

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