Abortion Rates Rose in Illinois 2008

United Press International is reporting that abortion rates rose five percent in Illinois in 2008. Illinois doctors performed 47,717 abortions, the most in five years.

The state Department of Public Health reported 47,717 abortions in 2008, the latest year for which it has figures. In 1998, there were 49,403.

There is a law on the books that could bring this number down, of course, but extreme leftists and infanticide fans in the state have stalled its implementation over and over again. A Parental Notification Law for teens 17 and under was passed in 1995 and the left has been fighting it in court ever since. So far, every attempt they’ve made to have it declared unconstitutional has failed, yet each year they continue to find pliant, ant-constitutional judges to once again declare it “on hold” until its legal status can be “reviewed” and determined.

Unfortunately, last year was no exception to this rule of extra legal judge’s actions and hours after the law was again cleared for implementation a Cook County Circuit Court judge halted the law. Left-wing, anti-constitutional Judge Daniel Riley bowed to the pleas of the un-American ACLU and put a hold on the law.

Sadly, one of the reasons our abortion rate is so high is because some of the surrounding states do have parental notification laws so teens from those states cross state lines to kill their babies in Illinois in order to take advantage of the lax laws here.

So, once again a new year dawns but the same old question remains. Will Illinois infanticide fans finally give up their bloodlust and allow this perfectly proper and constitutional law to go into effect?

Let us hope that 2010 sees this small victory for life to at last prevail.

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