About the Left’s New Palin-Confronting ‘Teacher,’ Turns Out She Lied

Earlier today the left sent up cheers for an Alaska “teacher” that is seen on video attacking Governor Palin as “the worst Governor ever” as the sign she was putting up read.

When Gov. Palin interacted with her, the woman told Palin she was a “teacher.”

Looks like the woman, Kathleen Gustafson, is a liar. As we find on GatewayPundit, she isn’t a teacher but a theater tech. Even more absurdly, the woman belongs to a band that features drag queens as its attraction!

Another blogger whose blog is named Mac’sMind did some digging and the only Kathleen Gustafson he could find connected to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District works in the theater dept. as a tech.

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So, once again, the left’s hero turns out to be a whack-job and a liar. Are we surprised?

Here’s that confrontation with Gov. Palin:

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