ACLUs War on Christmas on Hold Due to Economy

Peter Hannaford of the American Spectator reports that the ACLU has suddenly found some tight budgeting times with the announcement that one of its long time patrons said he couldn’t donate the tall cash he usually donates because of his own harsh economic realities.

Apparently the ACLU sent out a letter that told its followers that its largest donor, David Gelbaum, couldn’t donate this year because his investments in “clean tech” were not doing very well. IN fact, that is two Christmas presents to the nation.

That means that the ACLU has only enough funds to continue its normal, everyday operations and doesn’t have the extra cash to go on its traditional anti-American campaign that it usually launches at this time of year to destroy religion and Christmas.

So, for at least this year, your creches are safe, your crosses and angels on the tree won’t find lawsuits filed against them, and your singing of religious carols won’t be silenced by the hatemongers of the ACLU.

So, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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