AGW Bill On Life Support In Senate, Puppies May Die

I think we can firmly place this in the category of “good news for a Monday”

The climate-change bill that has been moving slowly through the Senate will face a stark political reality when it emerges for committee debate on Tuesday: With Democrats deeply divided on the issue, unless some Republican lawmakers risk the backlash for signing on to the legislation, there is almost no hope for passage.

Most Republicans will vote no, if they know what is good for their political careers, much less their constituents. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) could face some very stiff competition come 2014 for his support of this craptacular legislation for this fake issue.

So Democratic leaders, with the support of the Obama administration, are trying to sway at least half a dozen Republicans by offering amendments to speed along their top priority: building nuclear power plants.

In other words, bribes that are things we should be doing already. Bribes that will be forgotten by Democrats minutes after the passage of a cap and tax bill. Bribes that could actually be over-written with legislation after cap and tax is passed.

“There is nowhere near 60 votes for a nuclear power bill on its own. There’s not 60 votes for a cap-and-trade bill as it’s currently constructed,” Graham said in an interview. He said combining the two measures is “the only way you’ll get to 60 votes.”

Democrats have been whining about “clean energy” for years. France uses a majority of nuclear energy. Why can’t we? Nuclear energy would seem a slam dunk. But, this whole charade is not about “going green,” but about control of countries, economies, and private citizens. Because the science is not “settled.” If anything, more and more information comes out as scientists feel emboldened to actually going against the Approved Doctrine. Two researchers at MIT have cast doubts on the UN IPCC climate modeling. A team of scientists have sent a letter saying that consensus is fake.

But, just remember: if we don’t “do something,” puppies will drown and bunnies will die. And all you skeptics are child murderers. Which is why governments, such as the Australian one, try to gag publications. It’s for your own good, especially when they lie about the overall costs. And if you are a big climate polluter, you should be treated like a murderer.

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