AGW Today: Inhofe, Alarmist Media, And 40 Members Of Congress

Things are getting fun in Copenhagen, and I’m not talking about being about to playing in the rare heavy snow that has fallen

The leading global warming skeptic in the U.S. Senate shocked reporters in Copenhagen with a dose of American reality with his prediction Thursday morning that the U.S. Senate will not pass a carbon ‘cap and trade’ bill, regardless of the commitment President Obama is expected to make here tomorrow.

“I am here to make sure the 190 countries here don’t go home with the false impression,” said sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla. “The United States is not going to pass cap and trade. It just isn’t going to happen. Its chances are zero.”

Inhofe said just 25 Senators would support the type of carbon reduction bill already passed in the House.

Waffles Kerry is disagreeing, however, how many times has he actually been correct on anything?

Surrounded by reporters from around the world, including many who believe global warming is real, Inhofe often looked like a lamb on his way to slaughter.

One reporter asked Inhofe “What do you tell the children who have to live in a nightmare world. What should we tell them about your country being a heroin addict on fossil fuel? Answer the question!”

“Most of you are on the far left side, so listen closely. I contend the consensus is not there, and it wasn’t there prior to Climate-gate.”

“Nothing binding will come out of here in my opinion, and if it does it will be rejected by the American people.”

Gotta love that un-biased media. Inhofe should have asked him/her how they arrived in Copenhagen, then laughed his had off and flashed the Loser sign at the reporter when they answered “in a car/bus/plane.”

Some 40 members of congress are expected to arrive later today. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D- Calif., will address the press in the afternoon. No Republicans appear to have been extended the same invitation.

Hmmm. According to these Chicken Littles, it’s Man’s use of fossil fuels causing globull warming, yet, around 40 members of Congress are going to fly in? For what is essentially the last day of the conference? And hang out for a few hours? Wow, that sure looks carbon friendly. But, hey, if President Chump can do it…..

And yet Obama arrived in snow-covered Copenhagen with no new proposal from the U.S. side. Some had hoped he might increase Washington’s emissons-cut pledge, now only a fraction of those from other developed countries, or put a specific dollar amount on America’s expected contributions to short- or long-term aid funds to help poorer nations deal with the effects of climate change.

Obama planned to spend only about nine hours at the summit. He was holding a series of large and small meetings with various leaders, including those from China and Russia.

Must be nice to just jet off to Copenhagen for the day, certainly with the full capacities afforded by Air Force One. Surely, the backup jet followed, and the limo was airlifted. For a 9 hour meeting.

Meanwhile, many in the U.S. Senate are saying “about that $100 promised by Hillary and President Sparky? Um, nope, not going to happen.”

Another climatologist tells us that ClimateGate is just the tip of the iceberg.

Even Mother Jones says the Copenhagen alarmist conference is full of mule fritters, though, for different reasons. You know, I have always wondered why the alarmists feel that limiting the climate to a 2 degree rise is OK, when we haven’t even had that since the end of the Little Ice Age, and they are going bat guano crazy over the small increase we have had.

Also, why are most climate “skeptics” men? JoNova has the answer. And, it isn’t pretty.

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