All Administrators and Teachers at Rhode Island School Fired

I don’t expect this to stick. I fully expect some left-wing, paid off judge to come to the aid of these union thugs. But… in Central Falls, Rhode Island School Superintendent Frances Gallo has fired an entire high school’s worth of teachers and administrators over a labor dispute.

Central Falls High School is situated in one of the poorest sections of Rhode Island yet the teachers there make between $72 and $78 thousand per year, far above the mean income of the area. The school is also performing dismally.

So, Superintendent Gallo told teachers that they would have to work perhaps twenty-five minutes more per day and help tutor the students. Naturally the un-caring teachers union refused — proving once again that education and the kids are not of interest to a union.

The union wouldn’t budge so Super Gallo just fired them all. Now THAT is some funny stuff right there! Good for Super Gallo.

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Like I said, I doubt that the courts will allow it, but they should. These unions need to be busted.

The actions of this recalcitrant union brings to mind the nick-name that the founders had for Rhode Island. It was called Rogues Island back then. The name still fits.

This also brings to mind a famous quote of a teachers union chief from decades past. Albert Shanker, former president American Federation of Teachers (1985) was AFT president for over 20 years. His most famous quote is: “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

Yep, that about sums up a teachers union. They should be eliminated. They are detrimental to our kid’s education.

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