Another Chicago Alderman Goes to Jail — THIS is Heartening Progress

Alderman Ike Carothers is going to jail over his corruption. The wormy apple didn’t fall too far from the diseased tree, either, because Ike’s daddy, himself a former Alderman, went to jail for corruption in 1983. Ike joins a dozen other Chicago politicians in the Big House.

But I am here to say that I think we are seeing Chicago finally on the path to progress. How can I say that? Well, let’s look at the facts here.

William Carothers was sentenced to over 3 years in jail in 1983 for his bribe taking and general corruption. His son, Ike, now gets about two years for the same thing.

See the progress?

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You don’t?

Well, obviously Chicago is getting closer to less corruption, don’t you think? I mean, daddy got three years. His son is only doing two! That means Ike’s son, when he gets into city government,will only get a year for corruption and his son might only get a few months.

See? Eventually we’ll get a Carothers in city government that is free of corruption. Heck it might take 5 or 6 generations…. but the city is getting there. See, it’s progress Chicago style.

Baby steps, friends, baby steps.

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