Another Example of How the NYTimes Warps Truth

This weekend The New York Times, the fishwrap of record, had yet another one of its left-wing excuses for political analysis, this one about rumors of how Team Obama intends to carry on its continuing re-election campaign on matters economic. The piece is so chock full of bias that you don’t even have to get past the first paragraph to see it.

Apparently it took two writers to stuff this thing full of left-wing bias and falsehoods as it is given the by-line of Binyamin Appelbaum and Helene Cooper.

Check out this first paragraph:

As the economy worsens, President Obama and his senior aides are considering whether to adopt a more combative approach on economic issues, seeking to highlight substantive differences with Republicans in Congress and on the campaign trail rather than continuing to pursue elusive compromises, advisers to the president say.

Now just look at the tenor of this paragraph. It is presented as if the President is not responsible for the economic downturn because he hasn’t done enough left-wing interfering with the economy. And it ends with the blatantly false claim that Obama is the one has been seeking “compromises” with the Republicans.

None of these contentions are true.

The reason the economy is failing is because Obama has indulged too many socialist, left-wing policies already. Further, he’s not yet, not once made any attempt to make compromises with the GOP. In fact, just the opposite. He’s insisted that it has to be the Republicans that need to drop “politics” and compromise with him.

In fact, all the fixes to the economy in the recent debt ceiling debate were offered by the GOP not the White House. As it happens, it is the GOP that has compromised with the White House to try and get the policies passed in the Senate. All Obama did in this most recent debate was to offer bromides about compromise while expecting that GOP to be the ones doing it.

So, reading the very first paragraph of this NYT piece leaves readers with the impression that Obama has not yet put into place enough socialist policies and has been compromising with the GOP too much while they have not compromised with him. All of this is simply a lie.

Naturally, the Times cites “experts” to persuade the reader to assume that a new stimulus is necessary to “fix” the economy. But it also digs the GOP saying that the House would never pass this sensible idea.

A wide range of economists say the administration should call for a new round of stimulus spending, as prescribed by mainstream economic theory, to create jobs and promote growth. It is clear that the House would never pass such a plan.

Of course, that “wide range of economists” that say a new stimulus is necessary is made up wholly of socialists and left-wingers. It may be a “wide range” of people, but they do not subscribe to a “wide range” of ideological ideas. Further that “mainstream economic theory” they are talking about — without mentioning it by name, notice — is Keynesian theory, a theory that has now been thoroughly discredited. Hence why the Times won’t use the name!

Totally slanted “news” either way. Typical of the left-wing New York Times.

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