Another Example of Our Failed, Feminist Mis-Education System Shows Up in School Yearbook

Once again we see how our mis-educational system is utterly failing our students. This time we get a perfect example of same in a student’s quote printed in a school yearbook revealing a young woman so stupid that she didn’t realize she said she wants the vote taken away from women.

As seen on Imgur here is the quote attributed to one Haley Jackson…

“I would create equal rights for women, such as equal pay, jobs for women, and I would end women sufferage,” Haley Jackson said.

Dear, dear stupid little child. Everything you just said in your quote, Haley, is just plain ill-informed.

Firstly, women already have equal rights. Secondly there is already a federal law for equal pay, so women have that too. Third YOU can’t “create jobs for women” unless you start a business and OFFER jobs for women. And lastly–oh, that last one–“women’s suffrage” is an historical term referring to the movement to give women the vote, so…

So, you brain dead little child, when you say you want to “end women sufferage” are you saying you want them to lose the right to vote??

Or are you saying you want to end women’s suffering? You know, women having a bad time of it? Because if that is what you mean, you should know that there actually isn’t any such word as “sufferage.”

This is how our schools are failing. And let us note that it isn’t just this half-witted little chippie who made herself out to look so stupid. The school yearbook committee actually took that quote and then printed it, too. Clearly they didn’t know there was no such word as “sufferage,” either.

Warner Todd Huston

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