Another Motherhood-Hating, Traditional Gender Role-Attacking, San Fran Liberal

Margot Magowan a blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle must have gone to college. I say that not because she seems so well educated, but because she seems to hate traditional gender roles. After all, the only place that women become radical feminists is in college because the real world does not teach such balderdash.

In a short April 7 blog post Magowan furiously attacked the magazine Good Housekeeping for its latest cover story on First Lady Michelle Obama. Magowan hated the photo, claims she hates “the media’s” supposed “abuse” of first ladies, and even more to the point hates the fact that a magazine named Good Housekeeping still even “lives on” in this day and age when all things connected with homemaking should have been destroyed by the triumph of feminism long ago… as far as she is concerned apparently.

This post is a liberal feminist’s rant extraordinary, for sure.

Magowan starts this way…

Magazines and newspapers are dying left and right, the whole publishing industry is imploding, yet Good Housekeeping lives on? It survives not only to give women crucial tips on vacuuming, ironing, or what Febreeze actually is, but to produce a commemorative “125th Anniversary Collector’s Issue” graced with the creepiest cover photo of Michelle Obama I’ve ever seen.

Oh, gosh all mighty, it’s horrible that anyone could possibly still be interested in ironing, or vacuuming or keeping house in THIS day and age! Magowan is here to tell us all that the drudgery of housekeeping has been forever banished from the modern American woman’s life, dontcha know? No woman should be interested in tips on vacuuming anymore! It’s just disgusting. Yes, it’s a tragedy, thinks Magowan, that any woman should still be purchasing any evil magazine of the likes of Good Housekeeping!

I guess Magowan delegates all her housework to her Mexican maid or perhaps she forces her Metrosexual hubby to do it… well, if she ever married him that is. Maybe he’s just a live in? Anyway, Magowan isn’t finished beating up on Good Housekeeping.

The SFGate blogger scolds the magazine for the airbrush job it did on the Obama photo. At some level I agree with her that this is a pretty badly produced cover. But I disagree that Michelle Obama is a “stunning woman in every way” as Magowan gushes.

Bad photo or not, though, Magowan sternly chastises Good Housekeeping for, as she puts it, the “appropriately wifey headline” that appears under Obama’s cover photo: “Keeping her marriage close, raising her girls and overcoming her biggest fear.”

Can’t you just feel the venom-spitting anger with which Magowan attacks the headline as “appropriately wifey”? Yes, folks, it is such a crime that First Lady Michelle Obama might want to be an appropriate wife to hubby Barack, keep a happy family, and raise content children isn’t it? Shameful, indeed. Horrible, even. Why, Michelle is an affront to Wymin’s studies programs the nation over.

Then there’s this:

I’m so tired of the media’s abuse of first ladies, forever handicapped by that prissy label.

Wow. Now this cold feminist doesn’t even want us to respectfully call the president’s wife a “first lady”! What do we go with then? How about “da first bi_ch”? Would that be better Mz Magowan?

And naturally, even though it has precisely nothing to do with the post, Magowan couldn’t end her post without attacking Fox News. All she had to do was stuff abortion in the post somewhere and she’d have had all the feminist shibboleths in this thing.

All I can say is, jeeze, give it a rest will ya broadzilla?

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