Another Reminder: ACORN Isn’t Dead

The New York Post reminds us of an important fact: ACORN isn’t dead. It is merely attempting to morph into a new group with a different name in order to shed its ruined reputation. It has no intention, though, of disappearing entirely like it should.

I’ve also mentioned before that this assumption that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is defunct is not a good assumption to make. These hardcore leftists won’t give up easily.

Interestingly, the new ACORN will also launch in an effort to skip out on the old ACORN’s creditors. That’s typical, isn’t it? So, to skip out on creditors and to get out from under it’s ruined reputation and name, ACORN plans to rebrand itself.

As the NY Post reports:

“[Over] the next week or so we should see a dozen or more organizations launched on the state level by staff who used to work for ACORN and leaders who developed their skills as ACORN members,” ACORN strategist Nathan Henderson-James wrote in February.

“These are not just simple name changes, but re-imaginings of how best to organize low and moderate income constitiuencies [sic] without any of the legal problems and funding issues dogging ACORN, not to mention the brand damage.”

And as the Post reports, as if on cue new ACORNesque groups began to pop up on the radar. “Sure enough,” the Post says, “numerous ACORN spinoffs began popping up, including New York Communities for Change, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and New England United for Justice.”

Remember, folks. Each and every one of these groups intend to bleed the taxpayers of money, too.

… and ACORN’s creditors? Well, as the Post says, paying bills is for “other people,” not the fine folks from the Democrat associated ACORN.

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