Another School-Makes-Little-Boys-Cross-Dress Story

In April I had a story that raised a ruckus in New Jersey. To celebrate women’s history month, Maude Wilkins Elementary School thought it would be cool for their grade school students to dress like women… yes, even the little boys. Well this moth yet another east coast grade school is trying to force its little boys to cross-dress, this time in New York.

Andrea Peyser reports that a Roosevelt Island school for children with special needs — The Child School and Legacy High School, a private school — decided to throw on a play, a kiddie version of the gay-themed romp La Cage aux Folles.

A father “almost choked on his Wheaties,” Peyser writes, when his developmentally disabled child expressed no desire to “wear a dress to school” that day. Of course, the father was quite upset that his special needs child was being used to push the gay agenda even as the boy didn’t understand exactly what was going on.

The school may be private, but many of the parents get state aid to attend the special needs programs.

The Executive Director of the school used the newest meme by which to push the gay-agenda when confronted about holding the outrageous play. It’s about “bullying.”

“It’s a common problem with our youngsters,” Maari de Souza said. “Children tease each other about being gay.”

This is the same reasoning that gay advocacy group GLSEN used to promote its homosexual pushing “Day of Silence” event last April. Little else but a stealth attempt to push the gay agenda in grade schools and high schools across the country, the supposed “Day of Silence” was meant to spotlight the evils of bullying. No one justifies bullying, granted, but the chief reason GLSEN was highlight bullying was so that they could push their lifestyle on children without having to face those that don’t want their kids exposed to that lifestyle.

Many parents still weren’t comfortable with the gay-themed play, though, and pulled their children from the show, as well they should.

In any case, this is yet one more attempt to bring homosexuality into the classroom and train kids to accept the behavior as normal, and all without really informing parents ahead of time that this is the goal. Heck, why should parents have any foreknowledge of what schools are teaching anyway, eh?

With the New Jersey story, the Associated Press was aghast that my piece could force the school to apologize and reverse the cross-dressing day. Let’s hope that the notoriety over this newest cross-dressing day in New York has a similar outcome.

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