Anti-Gun Nut Makes Video Featuring Graphic Death of Talk Show Host Dana Loesch

Talk show host Dana Loesch is a wife, mother, and a long time advocate for the Second Amendment, as well as a supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA). She recently wrote a book dedicated to women owning guns. Now a left-wing, anti-Constitutionalist, jerk has made a video of Dana being killed on screen because–you know–this guy is against killing… or something.

If you don’t know Dana, you should. She recently wrote a book called “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America” and she is a very strong advocate for owning firearms for self protection, especially for women owning guns.

Now, recently she was featured in an ad for the NRA.

That ad sent a left-winger who claims to be an “artist” into paroxysms of hate spurring him to make a video depicting Dana’s death. Because liberals are more caring and civilized, of course.

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Here is the video by this cretin that Dana Tweeted out on Sunday…

This video was made by a leftist creep named Tom Adelsbach who defended his hate-filled snuff film saying that it was somehow “backfiring” on Dana…

Naturally he soon deleted that Tweet.

On his website he had claimed he was associated with the Indianapolis Pacers and a company named Hoosier Daddy.

As soon as his hate video featuring his attempt to figuratively murder a woman emerged, though, both organizations quickly disavowed any connection to the creep.

Looks like the “backfiring” is coming HIS way, not Dana’s.

So, to sum up, we have a liberal who claims to be against guns, against death and pro-woman. This same guy makes a video featuring the violent killing with a gun of a woman.

Yep, that’s liberal logic.

Amusingly, as the controversy grew on Twitter yesterday, Dana’s supporters began to donate money to the NRA. So, the very organization that this Addledbach guy hates was enriched by his own actions.

Now that is funny.

Warner Todd Huston

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