Any Minute Congress Could Re-Fund ACORN

Earlier I noted that we need your voice to keep the pressure on our representatives to keep government funds out of the hands of the criminal organization ACORN. Today Byron York posted another reminder of this salient fact in his headlined, “Will Congress’ Defunding of ACORN Expire Saturday?

York concludes that it is unlikely that ACORN funding will be restored on Saturday, but the simple fact of the matter is that it could be. Either this Saturday or during the very next budgeting process, ACORN funding can be easily slipped right back into a budget any time Congress feels like it’s safe to do so.

You see, Congress works by writing continuing budget resolutions — or CRs — several times a year. These CRs delineate Congress’ budget and can be added to or subtracted from at each and every session. Currently the defunding of ACORN is an idea whose time has come. But there can easily come a day when Democrats think no one is watching any longer and slip the ACORN funding right back in to any future CR.

Just because it is now popular to defund ACORN does not mean that ACORN will be permanently defunded. At any time Congress can begin funding ACORN again. This will happen unless the voters keep the pressure on their representatives.

This is also similar to the situations that state governments are faced with. ACORN may be finding a hard time getting funding from some states today because of its high profile excesses and criminal activities. But government supporters of this criminal organization are but biding their time until they think YOU are no longer paying attention. Once they think you’ve fallen asleep on this matter they will begin funding ACORN once again.

It is up to YOU to stop this.

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