Apparently, After Budget Battle Washington Is Still Broken

That’s the conclusion of the Washington Post’s Dan Baltz

As the midnight Friday deadline loomed for a possible government shutdown, and politicians continued their rhetorical war of words, a larger message went out to the rest of the country: Washington is still broken.

Unfortunately, Dan never quite says “why” Washington is still “broken.” But, is it really broken, or is it just a matter of business as usual? I’d posit that it is just business as usual. Washington is still mostly about helping each elected officials special interests, which is why the election of so many TEA Party candidates was so important, because many of them are fighting to do the hard business, namely, reducing the absurd spending levels that we have seen from Democrats since 2007, and Republicans during the Bush years (and, yes, Liberals, those of us on the right did complain incessantly about the ridiculous and ever-increasing spending levels.)

Obama and the Democrats have themselves to blame for being in this predicament. Had they done their jobs last year, when Democrats had ample majorities in the House and Senate, the government would have been funded for the current fiscal year before Republicans assumed control of the House.

Whoa! How’d that slip in to the story?

Republicans and Democrats face more difficult negotiations later this year over raising the debt ceiling and then a budget for the fiscal year that begins in October. The question is whether this clash has helped build relationships and mutual trust that will make those battles easier or whether it will embolden either side to dig in, hoping to gain ultimate political victory.

Funny how when Democrats held the Senate, House, and White House, it was “we won, you can come along for the ride in the back of the bus, Republicans.” Now that the Democrats were blown out in an election of historic proportions, they have to “build relationships.” Speaking of “historic,” best comment at the WP story by silencedogoodreturns

Congress: HISTORIC cuts!
White House: HISTORIC cuts!

American People: 1.5% cut when we’re $1.5 trillion in debt just for this year? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Are they ALL on crack?

What’s your POV?

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