Arrogance: Obama Decides HE Can Tell A Company Where They’re Allowed to Build

Barack Obama thinks he has the power to tell companies where they are “allowed” to build new facilities and, shock of shocks, Obama wants all those facilities to be in union controlled states.

Last week Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced its plans to force Boeing to keep building its aircraft in union plagued Washington State instead of building its planned new facility in South Carolina — a right to work, union free state.

How did Obama justify this unprecedented move to stop a company from building facilities in any state it wanted? Obama’s power-mad NLRB claims that Boeing is being “retaliatory” against Washington State’s International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and that is why Boeing is choosing to open its newest facility in a right to work state.

The only response to this is, “yeah? So what?”

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Of COURSE Boeing is locating its new facility in a right to work state to get away from one of the recalcitrant unions that has caused the company billions of dollars over the years with slow downs, strikes, and hostage-holding contract negotiations.

The proper question is, who the hell does Obama think he is to tell a company in what US state they are allowed to build their facilities?

Even a former NLRB member says this move by Obama is “unprecedented.”

“There is no precedent to support this,” said Peter Schaumber, who was first appointed to the NLRB by President Bush in 2002 and served for eight years including time as chairman, before his second term expired last year.

But this is the illicit use that Obama has put his regulatory powers to since the day he entered office. Obama is the most lawless president we’ve ever had.

(Note, this originally had Washington State misidentified as California. Copy has been corrected.)

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