As Prices Soar, Obama Outrageously Claims His Stringent EPA Rules Will Lower Our Energy Prices

After Obama has caused our energy prices to soar, after piling thousands of onerous regulations on the power industry, and after doing his best to squelch the discovery and exploitation of our own, home-grown sources now Obama’s EPA is claiming that our energy prices will be lower in the future. And one Congressman is outraged at the lie.

Rep. David McKinley said he was astounded to hear that Obama’s EPA is claiming that its avalanche of oppressive regulations will end up costing us all less.

“Are you serious?” McKinley, a West Virginia Republican, asked EPA acting administrator for clean air Janet McCabe in a hearing Wednesday. McCabe had just said Americans’ energy bills would go down after 2030 as a result of energy efficiency mandates.

“That is what our analysis shows across the country,” McCabe said, talking about the agency’s regulations forcing states to reduce power plant emissions 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. EPA claims that despite huge amounts of coal-fired power plants closures, these regulations would reduce energy bills 8 percent after 2030.

“Unbelievable,” McKinley said. “Just seems delusional.”

While energy bills may go down 8 percent after 2030 because of energy efficiency measures like EPA predicts, that’s only after a “4 to 7 percent increase in retail electricity prices, on average, across the contiguous U.S. in 2020,” according to the agency’s own proposal.


Warner Todd Huston

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