Being Asked If She Voted For Obama Is Bullying, Says Alison Lundergan Grimes

Democrats are running away from Obama all over the place this election cycle, and Alison Grimes (D), running against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, has been one of the leaders, refusing again and again to say whether she voted for Barack Obama. And, she says asking is “bullying”

(Daily Caller) “Kentucky is ready for a senator that’s an independent thinker, that can put the partisanship aside and actually fight for the people for this state,” Grimes said in a campaign speech. “One that won’t be bullied by Mitch McConnell or Chuck Todd. We can do this Kentucky!”

Todd, the new host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” likely earned Grimes’ ire for his statement that she had “disqualified” herself for refusing multiple times to say whether or not she had voted for President Barack Obama. His comments earned him a starring role in a McConnell campaign ad, much to his chagrin.

That’s gotta be like a fastball to the groin for Obama, to know that people asking if someone voted for him is “bullying”.

But, hey, good news, she’s an independent thinker! One who can’t answer a simple question. How is she going to handle the tough questions and votes if she manages to pull out a win? She plays the fake victim card well.

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