At Bargain Ticket Prices Obama Can’t Even Fill a 650 Seat Room!

Over at the left-wing Daily Beast, Gail Sheehy has a story that should make every Obamaite tremble in fear of November 2. As Sheehy reports it, in New York President Obama couldn’t even fill a room that holds 650 even though they slashed the ticket prices from $500 to $100 a person to get in.

On the 22nd Obama appeared in New York for a fundraiser but organizers found that attendees were harder to come by than ever. As Sheehy points out, this is six weeks before the elections. Less than two months and Democrats can’t garner enough enthusiasm to sell 650 tickets to see the president up close and personal.

Initially tickets were priced at $500 a person but as the event neared, panic set in and emails began to gush from the organizers offering bargain basement, slashed ticket prices in order to fill the room. Sheehy paid just $100 to stand in the same small room with The One and she only anted up after half a dozen emails pleading that she come.

Then there were the protesters. I guess the lowball ticket prices didn’t serve to keep the riff raff out as Obama faced sudden chants taking him to task for the military’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

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Sheehy makes one last interesting point about those “Filene’s Basement” prices. Later that night, she says, supporters paid $15,000 a person to have dinner with the Obammessiah. But even that is a cut-rate price from the recent past. “Think that’s a lot?,” Sheehy asks. “It’s a 50 percent markdown from a recent invitation to dinner with the President at the home of Linda Douglass and John Phillips, costing $30,000.”

The bloom is off the rose and thorns are all that’s left for the Obama presidency.

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