The Atlantic: Obama Has No Right to Say Who is and Who Isn’t ‘Islamic’

Who does Barack Obama think he is to determine just who is and who isn’t “really” a Muslim? Even a liberal writer from the left-wing The Atlantic says that Obama has no place proclaiming who is a “real” Muslim.

This arrogant president thinks he is a self-assigned great Imam, or something, to be able to say who is allowed to be a “real” Muslim. Even some liberals are finding it odd that this president seems to think he has the proper role to do this.

GRAEME WOOD, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, THE ATLANTIC: Well, you know, he doesn’t really have the authority to say that. I don’t think any non-Muslim, really, has the authority to say that, or to convince others that that’s the case. What a non-Muslim certainly can say objectively is whether the practices of ISIS have precedent within the long and often contradictory history of Islam, and that’s certainly the case. The things that they’re doing don’t come from nowhere. They come from elements of Islam that, for the vast, vast majority of Muslims around the world, are either in abeyance; they’re not applied right now; or they’re just not interested in doing things like stoning adulterers.

WOOD: Yeah. I would call it a death cult. What ISIS believes is that it is involved in the production of the end times. It believes that…it’s directly involved in creating the stages of an apocalyptic future that will bring about the fulfillment of prophecy.

ANDERSON COOPER: And unlike al Qaeda, it’s crucial therefore for ISIS to actually control territory to create this caliphate.

WOOD: That’s right. They believe that if they control territory – if they act properly – then they can fulfill particular elements of prophesy that involve a clash with Crusader armies. And this is a very important part of Obama’s remarks today, because he correctly noted that we want to avoid fulfilling the narrative that they want to push forward – which is a clash between civilizations – because that is a necessary part of that prophecy.

COOPER: A clash between Islam and – and the West.

WOOD: Specifically that – yes.

Obama is an arrogant man. But, arrogance isn’t a problem if you have a right to BE arrogant. This man has all the arrogance and none of the justification.

But what this is evidence of is that Obama is just trying to protect his own religion, isn’t it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Warner Todd Huston

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