Attorney General Who Won’t Prosecute Voter Intimidation To Speak Against Voter ID

Remember, this is the same guy who torpedoed prosecuting members of the New Black Panthers, a slam dunk case, for standing around at Philly polling sites with batons, intimidating voters.

(Washington Post) The Obama administration on Tuesday will wade into the increasingly divisive national debate over new voting laws in several states that could depress turnout among minorities and others who helped elect the president in 2008.

A dozen states this year tightened rules requiring voters to present state-issued photo identification at the polls, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Although Democratic governors vetoed four of the measures, liberal and civil rights groups have been raising alarms about the remaining laws, calling them an “assault on democracy” and an attempt to depress minority voter turnout.

We’ve talked about this numerous times, and, I just have to wonder, is it racist to think that minorities aren’t capable of getting state issued IDs? I think it just might be. It is pretty damned simple to get a state issued ID, and not particularly expensive. Most people have them. They are needed for tons of stuff in our daily lives. Yet, Democrats think minorities, and they are mostly talking about Blacks, do not have one for one reason or another. I bet Eric Holder has an ID. In my previous job, I saw IDs all day long, from people who made lots of money to people in Section 8 housing who lived on welfare. Some of them were minorities, and they all had ID. Who doesn’t have ID? Heck, in some states even illegal aliens have state issued IDs.

With the presidential campaign heating up, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. will deliver a speech Tuesday expressing concerns about the voter-identification laws, along with a Texas redistricting plan before the Supreme Court that fails to take into account the state’s burgeoning Hispanic population, he said in an interview Monday.

“We are a better nation now than we were because more people are involved in the electoral process,’’ Holder said in the interview. “The beauty of this nation, the strength of this nation, is its diversity, and when we try to exclude people from being involved in the process . . . we weaken the fabric of this country.’’

First, some people are too uniformed to vote, as witnessed by thinking “hope and change” is a political platform. But, we can’t exclude people, even if they are idiots. Second, can the AG point to anyone being excluded because they do not have ID who could legally vote otherwise? No? Damn.

When it comes to voting fraud, some conservatives have long argued that it is a serious problem, although others say the number of such cases is relatively low. Studies of the issue have reached different conclusions on the extent of the problem.

“You constantly hear about voter fraud . . . but you don’t see huge amounts of vote fraud out there,’’ Holder said.

So, the AG of the USA has no problem with some violations of federal law? Is anyone surprised?

Democrats freaked after the 2000 and 2004 elections, claiming massive voter fraud which put Bush in the White House and saw his re-election. They latched on to many things, but one thing that stops some fraud is the requirement for ID. They do not want their people who vote multiple times to have to prove they are who they are. Furthermore, they are having a conniption fit over reduced early voting. Last time I checked, the Constitution gave Congress the duty to chose a voting day, and by law they made it the 1st Tuesday in November following the 1st Monday in November. That’s why it is called “Election Day” not election weeks.

Anyhow, Democrats talk a good game about doing all that can be done to reduce election fraud, but, when push comes to shove, they know it is a necessity in order to get Democrats elected, as Powerline points out in wondering if the Obama admin. is coordinating with left wing groups on this issue.

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