Bada Bing, NJ Governor Christie: Fiscally Responsible AND a Backbone!

I was born and raised in New Jersey; moved down to South Carolina 5 years ago. Prior to that, I lived in New Jersey my entire life. I left because it became impossible to make ends meet there, primarily due to an insanely high cost of living. That can be blamed, in part, on the excessive taxation levied on New Jersey residents, which is a direct result of rampant and grossly irresponsible Democrat policy and spending.

Enter Governor Christie, who said No More. And he isn’t wasting any time arguing with ideologues who will not listen. He did it by executive order. Good for him! As you may have expected, the response by Democrats was stompy foot whining:

New Jersey Governor: Chris Christie freezes spending in New Jersey and you’d think the world had ended. Democrats in the New Jersey Assembly criticized Governor Christie for taking such hard stance. However New Jersey is facing a $2.2 billion dollar budget shortfall and tough stances are needed. Perhaps other states or heaven forbid the federal government would follow Chris Christie’s lead.

Within the New Jersey spending freeze, Christie even had the audacity to cut money to school districts which enjoy surpluses. One whiney democrat said that the districts would be forced to raise property taxes to make up for the shortfall in state aid. I suppose the terms “budget crisis” and “financial emergency” don’t resonate if you have a D beside your name, no matter where you’re from.

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That’s right; a $2.2 BILLION deficit. So, Christie cut money to school districts who have a surplus. What? Asking people to spend their own money ?? That’s unheard of! Sadly, it has been unheard of in New Jersey, hence the problem. I suppose that makes too much sense to the power crazed Democrats in New Jersey.

He also had the audacity to expect that the NJ Transit Authority should be efficient and fiscally responsible. Egads!

Another cut came at the expense of New Jersey transit; Governor Christie cut subsidies saying that the system needs to be fiscally efficient. Democrats played the environment card on that one saying that Christie’s decision would hurt the environment and the economy because people needed the transit system to get to work.

Sigh. Hello, Democrats? Global warming is totally fake and a huge hoax. Kindly stop bankrupting us based on an Al Gore carbon offset Ponzi scheme scam. Plus, guess what? Some things can run, and be successful, without having Big Daddy Government in control of it. In fact, they are usually ONLY successful if the Government stays out of the darn way.

The full text of Christie’s speech addressing the fiscal state of emergency (a real one, not a Crisis â„¢ one) can be found here. I highly recommend reading it. You can also watch a video of the speech below. It may be confusing; it is a politician talking straight and having a backbone! I know how rare that is these days.

Kudos, Governor Christie. You are actually exceeding my expectations thus far. I hope, for the sake of all who are living and working in New Jersey, that you continue fighting the good fight. I think you may be the “one New Jersey was waiting for.”

Hope and change, baby.

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