Badger Bites: WI GOP State Senators Withhold Dem Fleebagger Paychecks

I propose a TOAST to GOP Wisconsin: Badgers:  (with balls!)

Can the HOUSE GOP in Washington, WATCH and GROW SOME??

We won. You lost. Heh. Elections have consequences.

Republicans to believe in!

This is what it means to WIN in November:

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“State senators who miss two or more session days will no longer get paid through direct deposit. They’ll have to pick up their checks in person on the Senate floor during a session.

The new rule is aimed at forcing the return of 14 Senate Democrats who have been hiding in Illinois since Thursday. They fled the state to stall a vote on an anti-union bill, and have threatened to stay away until Republican Gov. Scott Walker agrees to compromise. Tuesday’s vote was along party lines. The three Republicans on the Committee on Senate Organization voted for it and the two Democrats opposed it.

The measure applies to paychecks, per diem checks, and any expense reimbursements. The absent senators will have to collect their checks from the Senate majority leader.”

ON WISCONSIN!! And PLEASE do post publicly ALL THOSE EXPENSE reports from their Illinois dinners, drinks, driving, hotel, and putang.

Speaking of kicking Democrat donkey ass smack-dab through the middle of the goal posts…here’s Megyn Kelly, FOX News anchor babe-with-brass-ones:

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