Baltimore Reporter ‘Steps Back’ From Covering Riots Because She is in Gay Relationship With Prosecutor of Cops

The persecution of the 6 Baltimore cops involved in the Freddie Gray arrest is falling apart and now a local “news” reporter has been forced to cease being part of the media coverage of the Baltimore riots because she is in a gay relationship with the prosecutor in charge of prosecuting the police officers.

Last week the Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby charged 6 Baltimore police officers with murder and a list of other crimes as long as your arm.

But earlier this week the Baltimore Federal Order of Police wrote a letter demanding that the prosecution of the 6 officers be removed from State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and given to a special prosecutor because Mosby and her staff have all sorts of conflicts of interest.

One charge that he FOP made is that Mosby has ties to the Freddie Gray family. But the FOP also complained of the “lead prosecutor’s connections with members of the local media.”

What does this mean? Well, as it happens Mosby’s lead prosecutor is one Janice Bledsoe and Bledsoe is in a gay relationship with one of WBAL’s leading “investigative journalists,” Jayne Miller.

As the media critic for The Baltimore Sun said:

…WBAL should have either kept Miller from reporting on any cases involving Bledsoe or disclosed their relationship every time she did.

It’s not even a close call. This is Ethics 101, and the station has only itself to blame for getting caught up in the FOP’s attack on Mosby’s office in one of the biggest cases this city has ever seen.

This is now a very dangerous business for a station that has branded itself as being a leader in news credibility, with Miller as the face of that claim. I wonder how WBAL can now keep her on this case — even if she is the best reporter it has.

Finally, the “reporter” has announced that she is going to “step back” from reporting on the riots.

Today, Miller said, “I’m actually going to be covering less of that court case, because I have a personal connection to one of the prosecutors, and because it’s now in that arena, I’m going to be backing away from coverage of that.”

She then went on to pretend that she and her gay lover, prosecutor Bledsoe, had intended for her to stop reporting on the riots all along once it became a court case.

Riiiiiight. Sure they did.

Warner Todd Huston

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