#BaltimoreRiots Are Totally Hurting Martin O’Malley With Democrats

Far be it for me to actually defend Martin O’Malley, but, here we go

(Politico) Martin O’Malley’s political career, which started on the streets of Baltimore, may also end there: Half of Democratic insiders in the early states believe this week’s riots have hurt the former mayor’s already long-shot presidential hopes.

The POLITICO Caucus, our weekly bipartisan survey of the most important activists, operatives and elected officials in Iowa and New Hampshire, found that Democrats are evenly split over whether racial unrest will be a minor or significant issue in the presidential campaign.

“I really like and respect O’Malley, so it pains me to write that I think the Baltimore violence will essentially disqualify him as a viable presidential candidate for a broad swath of Americans,” said a New Hampshire Democrat, who – like all 73 respondents – completed the questionnaire anonymously in order to speak candidly. “The renaissance of Baltimore has been such a huge part of his biography when he speaks to Democrats, so when your TV shows Baltimore on fire, riot police on the streets and baseball at an empty Camden Yards, one can only wonder what kind of lasting progress he made there.”

Interesting. He’s no longer the Governor of Maryland, and no longer the mayor of Baltimore. Also interesting is the lack of discussion from Democrat Insiders over Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s utter failure. How is it that O’Malley is in the crosshairs, and SRB isn’t? It wasn’t his policies that left Baltimore in flames.

“Any mention of Baltimore will now draw people’s attention to the events of the last few days — not any of the progress he claims to have made while mayor,” said an Iowa Democrat.

“This is absolutely a hit on his executive experience,” added another. “He is running on his ability to turn Baltimore around and to lead Maryland in a progressive direction. His city is now seen for riots and racial injustice and his chosen successor [former Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown] lost the race to succeed him as governor.”

If anything, the discussion should be about his pitiful economic record as Gov of Maryland. But, Race is one of those top issues within the DNC, along with Abortion and whining about Other People having money.

They’re also upset over O’Malley having been tough on crime. Tells you quite a bit about Democrats, does it not? Pandering to Blacks, regardless of how bad this hurts Blacks, is more important than standing for law and order. And that’s how you end up with #BaltimoreRiots

These same Democrats seem to have little problem with Hillary Clinton, especially now that she is pandering with a talking point to clear out the jails. Nor any complaints about her executive experience, namely her lack of it. Nor are they (verbally) discussing her numerous Clinton Foundation issues. Her big 1%er ways. Her utter failure as Secretary of State, which saw the rise of ISIS, a resurgent Russia, the Libyan fiasco, including Benghazi, Syria and her support of Bashar Assad, and the failure to engage with both the Iranian Green Revolution and the wider Arab Spring. Among other failures.

BTW, very few Democrats are taking Bernie Sanders seriously. Very few took Obama seriously in 2007 and 2008, thinking it would be either Hillary or John Edwards. Obama rose up when Edwards flamed out. Of course, Democrats are so into identity politics that something really bad (worse than abusing the money her foundation raises for charity is apparently not enough) would have to happen to allow one of these *GULP* White men to take the lead.

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