Barbara Boxer Has Lessons From The Senate Climate Change Sleepover

One of them is that because you drove a fossil fueled vehicle, it’s really cold in Minnesota, as she writes in an opinion piece for the Huffington Post

Second, every state in the U.S. is already experiencing the effects of climate change.

During the all-night session, it was fascinating to listen to my Senate colleagues from across the country — North, South, East and West — as they discussed what people in their states are experiencing now and the threats they face from climate change — including extreme weather.

Senator Tom Udall and Senator Martin Heinrich talked about the impacts of severe droughts in New Mexico and throughout the Southwest, and Senator Bill Nelson discussed the devastating effects of sea level rise in the state of Florida. Senator Ben Cardin told us how climate change puts the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland at risk, and Senator Ed Markey said his home state of Massachusetts loses an average of 49 football fields of land to rising sea levels each year.

Senator Al Franken talked about how the extreme cold has contributed to a serious propane shortage in Minnesota. Senator Angus King told us about the negative impacts on the lobster industry in Maine, and Senator Mark Udall spoke about how wildfires in Colorado are becoming more frequent and more intense.

How can one not see that this is a cult, when they blame “extreme cold” on greenhouse gases? Seriously, blaming cold on gases that trap heat? Warmists like to refer to skeptics as “anti-science”. Warmists should be referred to as “un-science”, because there is really no science involved with what they yammer on about.

First, climate change is real and the deniers are losing ground.

Is it appropriate for a sitting US Senator to refer to skeptics … remember, skepticism is a major component of science … as deniers, a term meant to compare those who do not believe in mostly/solely man-caused “climate change” to those who do not believe in the Holocaust? You can Tweet Ms. Boxer here, ask her about the propriety.

Ninety-seven percent of climate experts now say with virtual certainty that the planet is warming due mainly to human activities which have increased the amount of carbon pollution in our air. The level of scientific certainty on man-made climate change is about the same as the consensus among top scientists that cigarettes are deadly.

Of course, that 97% has been debunked heavily multiple times. If you’re calling it carbon, well, your science just went out the window. And the real consensus is 95%, which is the percentage of climate models that have failed.

An overwhelming majority of the American public recognizes that climate change is real and is happening now, and there is strong support for action to address this growing threat.

Yet, concerns over the climate rank at the bottom of American concerns in poll after poll. Strange, eh?

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