BARF! Pelosi Rails Against GOP “E. Coli Club”

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi is just pure class. : The Blaze picked up a video yesterday, courtesy of The Shark Tank,: showing the former House Speaker lambasting Republicans as being evil members of the “E. Coli Club.” : The speech also served as an eloquent defense of big government principles and the dependency it inevitably breeds.


Via Noah Glyn at National Review:

We shouldn’t have a government role, so reduce the police, the fire [presumably, she means fire-fighters], the teachers.” Pelosi says she says to conservatives who espouse these views, “Do you have children who breathe the air? Do you have grandchildren who drink water?” So, in Nancy Pelosi’s world, firefighters, police, and teachers ensure the safety of our air and water . . .

Note: Bless your heart is southern speak for “you idiot.”

(H/T : Shark Tank)

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