BEAUTIFUL: Rep. John Conyers Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Multiple Women

BEAUTIFUL: Rep. John Conyers Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Multiple Women

Democratic Representative from Michigan, John Conyers, has found himself on the business end of a probe by the House Ethics Committee after becoming the target of multiple women, all of whom claim he was sexually inappropriate with them in some way.

One woman claims that he would make her “work from his room” and began “talking about his sexual desires.” At one point, she alleges, he even implied that acquiescing to his advances would merit her a promotion or raise. When she refused, she was fired and made to sign a confidentiality agreement as a settlement regarding the advances. However, she has chosen to come forward in light of recent events.

Others claim that staffers would “fly in” women with whom it is believed Conyers had affairs.

The woman who signed the confidentiality agreement – and will remain anonymous for fear of retaliation – says that she felt pressure to keep quiet about her experiences with the Representative. “I was basically blackballed. There was nowhere I could go,” she said.

Another woman’s statement claims that he would touch her inappropriately and became angry whenever she was around him with her husband. She also states the he would invite her to hotel rooms and once asked her to “touch it,” referring, of course, to his penis. Included were allegations that he made the former employee work nights, weekends and holidays to “keep him company.” All of these cases were documented in compliance with Congress’ Office of Compliance requests, which state that all sexual assault/harassment accusers must sign a confidentiality agreement as part of a process of counseling and mediation. They must do this before proceeding with their complaint.

The same former employee is also accusing Conyers of asking her to “just cuddle up with me and caress me before you go,” when she made it clear that she was not going to stay in the same hotel room with him during a fundraising event.

“Rep. Conyers strongly postulated that the performing of personal service or favors would be looked upon favorably and lead to salary increases or promotions,” she said in her statement.

The other documents detailed similar allegations toward the Congressman, which indicate that he would touch them inappropriately and get angry whenever their husbands were nearby.

I’m not going to immediately come out and say that he is guilty, but I’m going to say that it is a relief to know that the House Ethics Committee is looking into this. These women didn’t come straight to the media with their claims, they went through all of the correct channels first, indicating that they were willing to sign a legal contract regarding their allegations. This is serious and it needs to be remedied as quickly as possible.

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