Bi-Racial Tea Party Group Harassed by GA Capitol Police, Occupy Wall Streeters Given Pass to Break Laws

There has been a lot of talk comparing and contrasting the Tea Partiers and these Occupy-Whatever people. But in Georgia we can see a stark difference. Tea Partiers are law-abiding citizens while the Occupy Atlantans are law breakers. Sadly, Capitol Police in Atlanta have sided with the Occupiers and against Tea Partiers.

At the very least the Capitol Police in Atlanta have definitely been treating these two groups unequally. These officers of the law have turned a blind eye to law breaking by the Occupy folks allowing them to do anything they want but did not extend that courtesy to those Tea Party groups that also protested at the Georgia Capitol House.

Notice in the video that the Tea Party group the Capitol Police were harassing was made up of both blacks and whites? And the young man in the video being forced to take down his flag was Matthew Perdie who was known for his momentous freedom walk in 2010.

Now, as you can see, the Occupy people have been allowed to break nearly every law on the books governing protests in Atlanta. They’ve not been required to take out permits, have not been required to observe vagrancy laws, have not been forced to observe the time limits put on protests and have also not been required to follow the law on how long poles for signs and flags are supposed to be.

But the Georgia cops sure saw no reason to allow the law-abiding Tea Party folks to escape their iron control forcing them to observe every tiny little ordinance, every rule, and every restriction on their freedom of assembly. The Capitol Police seemed to enjoy harassing Tea Partiers.

… and guess what? The Tea Partiers followed those laws, now didn’t they?

Quite unlike the lawless Occupy zombies, eh?

Georgia’s police and political class have shown an appalling level of favoritism to these clueless Occupy-Whatevers. But Georgia’s situation is simply a microcosm of what these people have been allowed to get away with all across the country.

Certainly a major difference (among so many) between the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy-Whatevers is that the Tea Partiers are law-abiding, proud Americans. They didn’t lie in their own filth, break laws, and otherwise achieve nothing at all during their two years of protests like the Occupiers have in their few months thus far.

One can almost sympathize with our politicians and police across the country being faced with Occupy protests, though. Even while what they are doing is unfair and illegal, these politicians and police are allowing these Occupiers to get away with theft, rape, property destruction and any other manner of lawlessness because they are afraid.

After all, left-wing protests have historically devolved into mass violence and authorities are desperate to avoid that if possible.

On the other hand, authorities saw no reason to allow the Tea Party folks to protest in a fashion of their choosing. They saw no reason not to oppress the Tea Party because they knew full well that the Tea Partiers would never erupt in violence.

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