Biden Charges His Secret Service Detail Rent

What could be more degrading than to be expected to sacrifice your life if necessary for a skeevy character like Joke Biden? To see your agency charged for the privilege:

In between keeping Vice President Biden and his family safe, the Secret Service is also cutting him a rent check every month.

The Secret Service pays the vice president $2,200 per month to rent a cottage next to his waterfront home outside Wilmington, Del., has confirmed.

The Washington Times first reported that Biden has raked in more than $13,000 since April from the agency tasked with protecting him, and under the terms of their contract could make up to $66,000 by the end of 2013.

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This is on top of the best personal protection in the world provided for free at the expense of taxpayers.

Maybe he’ll prove how “patriotic” he is by donating the money for debt reduction. But I doubt it.

Delighted to find another unearned revenue stream.

On tips from Wilberforce , Last Conservative in Vermont, G. Fox, and Merchant of Venom. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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