Bill for the Kill: Hillary Clinton Unleashes Her ‘Secret Weapon’ on the Campaign Trail

Bill for the Kill: Hillary Clinton Unleashes Her ‘Secret Weapon’ on the Campaign Trail

I should have known this was coming. Hillary Clinton is getting ready to unleash her ‘secret weapon’ on the campaign trail – Billy Boy. No one can stand the Hildabeast. She has about as much appeal as a dead fish. So, it is time to roll out the charismatic hound dog ex-President and set him loose on the electorate. He will be the face and persona of her campaign going forward. They’ll sell it that if Hillary gets the nomination, you get both of them. It’s like a third term for Bill Clinton without any of the responsibilities and all of the perks. This shows how desperate Hillary Clinton has become. Word yesterday was that her campaign is saying they expect to lose both Iowa and New Hampshire. That just won’t do… so here comes Bill for the kill.

Bill Clinton

From the Wall Street Journal:

A new and more combative phase of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign opens next month when she sends her husband out to stump for her in important early states.

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Waiting for him will be businessman Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner.

The former president has been a low-key figure since Mrs. Clinton entered the race for the Democratic nomination in April, offering private advice and helping her raise money at closed-door fundraisers. In January, the campaign intends to showcase him in public forums in Iowa and New Hampshire, two states where the front-runner is locked in a tight race against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Speaking to supporters recently, Mrs. Clinton described her husband as a “secret weapon.”

Throwing Mr. Clinton into the mix could further escalate the rhetoric between the Trump and Clinton campaigns. In the 2008 presidential race, the former president would bristle at criticism directed at his wife and got in hot water when he suggested Barack Obama’s victory in the South Carolina primary was less significant because of the large African-American vote.

It will be very entertaining to watch Bill Clinton square off with Donald Trump. Bill may think he still makes Marxist females swoon, but I don’t think he’s any match for The Donald. However, Bill does make Bernie Sanders look like month-old meatloaf. Hillary hasn’t been shy about revealing Bill as her ‘secret weapon’ either. She probably promised him hot and cold running bimbos. I’m sure more money and power was also very alluring. Trump’s comment that Obama “schlonged” Hillary in the 2008 race is something that supposedly Bill would attack. Yeah… considering his philandering history he might not want to go there. There’s still a stained blue dress in his closet. If you are screaming sexism, boy, Bill Clinton doesn’t have any room to talk. Unless it is regarding sexual intimidation and rape. I hear he excels in those areas. Trump should have a field day with that issue. Bill Clinton says he doesn’t take Trump seriously as the potential Republican nominee. Careful Billy… Trump takes it seriously and that’s all that matters.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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