Birther Ad Is Not Raaaaacist, It’s Just Stupid

Birther Ad Is Not Raaaaacist, It’s Just Stupid

As usual, a far left web site has gone stark raving bonkers. Yes, yes, I know, this isn’t actually shocking or special. But, yesterday, Think Progress has ramped up the bat s**t crazy to level 8

Washington Times Runs Anti-Obama Birther Ad Featuring Racial Undertones

This latest national edition of the Washington Times features a full-page ad that claims that President Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. The ad was purchased by the anti-Obama website While the group has placed several birther ads in the Washington Times in recent months, the version that ran this morning contains far more inflammatory imagery – three monkeys, apparently intended to represent the U.S. Congress, courts, and the media:

What is the ad?


Scared Monkeys responds to Think Progress with

Hmm, I guess the liberal intellectuals at Think Progress do not get the reference of the “see no, hear no and speak no evil” monkeys and comparing them to Congress, the Courts and the MSM. Even your own post says that the monkeys represent Congress, Court and Media.

Everything is raaaaacism in Liberal World. Except when they are beating up Black Conservatives at TEA Parties and calling them racist names. When a Democrat candidate for President calls another candidate, who is half Black, “articulate and bright and clean.” When the same candidate makes a remark (technically, this is bigoted) about Indian’s owning 7/11’s. When there is a “most respected” Democrat who used to be a leader with the KKK, and stated he would never serve with Blacks in the military. When they are blocking the Civil Rights Act. And when they do everything they can to pander to minorities, then keep same minorities poor and beholden to the Government.

Really, the ad is not racist. The Three Wise Monkeys apparently go back to the 8th century, and have several meanings along the same lines, none of them racist. Those of us who are not wackadoodle nutjob race baiters understand the meaning of the use of the three monkeys in the ad. Still, the ad is idiotic in content. Regardless of what any British law says, the U.S. Constitution says that anyone born on American soil, of which Hawaii was in 1961, is a natural born citizen (I’m not going to discuss natural born and certain US properties outside of the 50 States, not relevant). Obama is a natural born citizen. The only way he would not be is if he was not born in the 50 States.

While the argument about Obama’s eligibility can be interesting, it’s time to move on. The media, the Congress, and the courts have no interest in why Obama has fought so hard to release his long form birth certificate. Oh, maybe that’s sorta what the monkeys represent.

Apparently, Think Progress doesn’t like Free Speech.

Oh, and speaking of barking moonbat unhinged crazy, Excitable Chucky has a screed up saying why he left the Right. Like he was ever there. The Other McCain, Jules Crittenden, The Jawa Report, and Israel Matzav destroy Mad King Charles’ whiny girly man looooooonacy.

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