Bitter Half at Odds With Shrillary, Oprah

Another story from the tabloid trash beat:

The National Enquirer — which established itself as more legitimate than the “legitimate” media by bringing us the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story — announces that Comrade Obama’s Bitter Half has launched a feud against prominent fellow moonbats Shrillary Rotten and Doprah.

Furious Michelle Obama has declared war on Oprah Winfrey — saying she has proof the talk-show titan is plotting with Hillary Clinton to take the White House from her husband.

“Michelle claims Oprah is a political traitor who has switched her loyalties from President Obama to Hillary and is planning to support her in the next presidential election,” divulged a source.

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“The president refuses to believe Oprah would turn on him, but Michelle says her sources overheard conversations in which Oprah promised she would throw her money and influence behind Hillary if she decides to run.”

Why would Oprah turn on the turtle she helped place on its post?

Michelle is convinced Oprah believed her help getting Obama elected would be repaid by having very close ties to the White House and being an adviser to the first family, according to the source.

“Instead she has been invited only three times, and two of them were for interviews.”

Apparently Chairman Zero has been too busy talking with the real powers behind the throne, like Andy Stern, George Soros, and Bill Ayers.

Having Shrillary lead the Democrat Party would be an advantage for patriots, because no one who hasn’t spent the last 20 years in a cave doesn’t know she is corrupt, power-drunk, and thoroughly repugnant. But then, by 2012 the same will go for the Moonbat Messiah.

During Oprah’s initial White House interview with the first lady, the frostiness in the air was clearly visible — and the talk queen left “seething,” says the source.

The story rings true if only because Michelle Obama is too much of a scorpion to get along with other women. Maybe the next Dem president will make her Secretary of State.

Mind those teeth!

On a tip from Edward. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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