Blago Calling Emanuel In Next Trial?

Rod Blagojevich is saying he fully intends to bring Rahm Emanuel into court as a witness in the next phase of his corruption trial.

“Rahm is going to be a central witness in this case for us,” Blago told Fox News Chanel commentator Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo wondered if this would be a major distraction for Rahm Emanuel next year as he runs for mayor as the second Blago trial will be occurring at the same time as the mayoral contest.

This is one thing that could portend trouble for an Emanuel run for City Hall. Of course, Emanuel has to get past the charge of non-residency and the perception that he is a carpetbagger from Washington, too. But… you know…

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Anyway, if you want to watch a master of desperate spin, heeeeeeres Rod:

It most certainly will be interesting, though, to have a major candidate for mayor who is in the middle of a campaign for City Hall to be dragooned into a corruption trial. If the other candidates for mayor don’t press Emanuel to answer to just how much of Blago’s corruption Rahm knew about, when he knew it and how much of it he was involved in — and by extension the president himself — they don’t deserve to be on the ballot themselves!

Lastly, there is something amusing about a Chicago Mayor in a corruption imbroglio before he even gets elected, too. If that isn’t a typically Chicago mess, what is?

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