Boom! Cop Takes Down Ferguson Protester Blocking Traffic The Hard Way

A large group of ne’er-do-wells near Ferguson, Missouri shut down the highway recently by blocking the lanes with a chain of people. And when the police FINALLY decided to do something about it, at least one protester got a high, hard slap down. Naturally the protesters are whining that it was “excessive force.” Do you think he used too much force?

For some idiotic reason one of the bigger groups shutting down the highway near Ferguson were the “gay women of color” group. Because the death of Michael Brown was all about “gay women of color,” I guess.

These idiots shut the roads down for some time causing traffic to back up for miles.

One SUV driver wasn’t having any of it though. He just powered right through this nitwits.

Then the police FINALLY got in gear and began to clear the streets. HEre is how one guy was taken down. The take down was caught on video…

So, what do you think? Too much force? Or not enough?


Here is another video I found of the incident…

Warner Todd Huston

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