Boom! Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Explodes… More Than 1200 Deemed Classified

Boom! Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Explodes… More Than 1200 Deemed Classified

Looks like Hillary Clinton’s email scandal just got exponentially worse – it just exploded spectacularly. More than 1,200 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server have now been deemed classified. If you will remember when all this mess started, she adamantly claimed that there were NO emails that were classified on her server. That wasn’t exactly true, now was it? Two more emails were labeled “Secret.” Some contend they are “Top Secret.” Those are the ones that will cause Hillary the most grief as they make her eligible for that designer orange pant suit that she so richly deserves. One of the messages previously uncovered contains information about North Korea’s nuclear program.

Hillary Clinton

From Politico:

More than 1,200 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server during her time at the State Department have now been deemed classified, after the agency publicly released its eighth batch of the messages late Thursday.

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The agency released roughly 5,500 more pages of emails from the private email account that Clinton exclusively used during her four years at Foggy Bottom, with an additional 275 messages now upgraded to classified, bringing the total number of retroactively classified emails that moved through Clinton’s unsecured server to 1,274.

While most of those were elevated to the “confidential” level, according to a State Department official, two in the most recent batch were upgraded to the “Secret” level, a more sensitive classification for issues that affect national security.

Clinton, after the scandal about her use of private email broke in March, initially said that there was no classified material on her email account. She has since stressed that she did not send any classified information and that no messages she sent or received were marked classified at the time.

The State Department also said on Thursday that it fell short of its court-ordered goal of releasing 43,000 pages of the trove by the end of the year.

“We have worked diligently to come as close to the goal as possible, but with the large number of documents involved and the holiday schedule we have not met the goal this month,” said the agency, which fell about 2,000 pages short of the target.

The State Department will have to answer legally next week for not releasing as many emails as they were obligated to by the court. Another release should come next week as they try to get back on track. They have to release all of them by January 29th. The batch released yesterday spanned from 2009 to 2013. Aside from violating national security, some of the emails were just inane. In one of them, Clinton addresses the viral pic of her on her BlackBerry by responding to Mills with, “Why now? That was on my way to Libya?” Mills then writes back, “You look cute.” ‘Cute’ is not how I would ever describe Hillary Clinton. Another back-and-forth, this time between Clinton and top aide Jake Sullivan, has Clinton discussing who deserves credit for using the term “pivot” to Asia. Others discussed who should sit next to Clinton when traveling. That’s leadership for you. Per the Politico, an email from Neera Tanden reveals that billionaire liberal donor George Soros apparently regretted supporting Barack Obama over Clinton in the 2008 primaries. Soros, in the first half of 2015, contributed more than $2 million to pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA. Anyone that old spider supports is a corrupt, evil troll. It should be interesting to see what the rest of the emails reveal and what consequences, if any, await the Hildabeast.

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