BOOM! Reporter Pushes Netanyahu To Call Trump Racist – His Response ANNIHILATES Her! VIDEO

BOOM! Reporter Pushes Netanyahu To Call Trump Racist – His Response ANNIHILATES Her! VIDEO

Through the entire general election, it’s been liberal media and their master and overlord former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who has spent their time attacking Donald Trump and doing their best to destroy him and his chances at becoming the next President of the United States. They did this by trying to have him portrayed as a racist who refused to denounce other racists and other anti-Semites who made it clear they were in his favor.


Truth be told, he did in fact denounce such people…liberals and their media just refused to recognize it because they’re stupid. Too harsh?

Well sometimes the truth hurts…

Media has some sort of allergic reaction to the truth which is what has them being all about fake news these days. Speaking of media, in an interview with Lesley Stahl earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was being set-up by the reporter to call Trump a racist.

Instead, he defended Trump in a way that this reporter will NEVER forget…

“Mr Trump’s support among white supremacists and anti-Semites — it’s becoming an issue,” she said, asking Netanyahu to comment on that.

“Mr. Trump has denounced racial bigotry anywhere, and I think that’s important. I think that’s an important message,” Netanyahu replied.

Of course Stahl, the asshat reporter, was not satisfied with this answer in the least bit and continued to nag at Netanyahu asking him if he would call on Trump to speak out against bigotry and do so forcefully.

Once again, the Prime Minister refused to throw Trump under a bus or sway anything from the truth, so he again defended President-elect Trump and did so in a way that SHUT DOWN the idiot reporter:

“For Gods’ sake, he has Jewish grandchildren! He has a Jewish daughter!” he stated.

THAT is one epic way to end a conversation with an a-hole reporter. Simply use the raw and most obvious truth.

Now you get to witness this EPIC exchange between the two for yourself…enjoy!

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