BOOM! Trump Interrupts NYE Party To Make Israel Announcement – Now Netanyahu RESPONDS!

BOOM! Trump Interrupts NYE Party To Make Israel Announcement – Now Netanyahu RESPONDS!

Everyone knows that Obama has back stabbed Israel and America for that matter…and not many are very happy about it. Right before Christmas, he and his ego decided to insult our allies by throwing them under the bus. It is just wrong.


It’s as if he just had to get in one final insult to a nation that is supposed to be our ally and a nation that he has betrayed many times before during his 8 years in the White House.


With Trump preparing to enter the White House and restore balance to this country, he has criticized Obama’s anti-Israel moves and is not going to back down when it comes to showing Obama what he has done is wrong.

In fact, Trump is so serious about this that he addressed this issue at his very own NYE’s event this past weekend.

It was an impromptu news conference down at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and that is where the President-elect and his family were celebrating the New Year.

He was asked by a reporter if he felt “like president Obama has been trying to undermine you at all in some of the last-minute actions he’s taken?”

His response is one you don’t want to miss.

“I spoke to him yesterday. He’s been very nice on the phone. We have a very good relationship,” Trump began.

“Look, we have to protect Israel. Israel to me is very, very important. We have to protect Israel. And I disagree with what he’s done there. I listened to Secretary Kerry’s speech, I think it’s very unfair to Israel what happened,” he continued.

It was not long after this response that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Natanyahu offered his thankfulness for Trump’s words and acknowledgement.

Netanyahu tweeted “Thanks for your support, President-elect Trump!” in both Hebrew and English, combined with the flags of the United States and Israel.

Given that this came a little less than a week after one of the most divisive moments in the recent relationship between Israel and the United States, it was a major development.

Netanyahu had already been critical of the Obama administration’s failure to veto a resolution that condemned the Jewish state for its settler activity in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. According to the Economic Times, he called Kerry’s speech on the matter — in which the secretary of state accused Israel of jettisoning the two-state solution — a “great disappointment.”

“For a full hour, the secretary of state attacked the only democracy in the Middle East,” Netanyahu said.

All I have to say is… 18 more days!


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