Brave Mom Fights Forced Unionization and Gov. Quinn

We’ve been reporting to you of the outrageous under-the-radar actions of Governor Pat Quinn and his Executive Order 9-15. This EO both handed the private information of Illinois citizens to unions and set up a payoff for his union supporters by automatically unionizing hundreds of Illinois home healthcare workers whether they want to be unionized or not.

Well, one mother is fighting back. Pam Harris serves as the primary care specialist for her developmentally disabled son and in so doing receives some helpful funds from the state for that purpose. When she found out that Quinn’s EO gave her personal information to several unions she was concerned. And when she later found out that she would have to pay dues to a union even if she didn’t want to join one she became incensed.

In a report on our local Fox affiliate, Harris said, “When my doorbell rings at eleven thirty Sunday morning and there’s two people in purple shirts, one from California, one from Virginia– nice enough young people– nice enough, but that’s an invasion of my privacy.”

Harris is sure that no union will benefit her.

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Union contracts talk about suspension, probation, training, days off? It’s ridiculous, to draw a line from a Union to my own efforts to provide a meaningful life for my child.

Harris isn’t taking this lying down, though. She has decided to do a little organizing of her own, not for the unions, but against them. Harris has created her own mailing effort and has been gratified that several of her comrades in the in-home healthcare sector is helping out, supporting her efforts. She is sending the following flyer to Illinoisans that face similar situations.

Here is the video of Harris’ appearance on Fox:

Michelle Malkin has also written of this story and she points out that the State of Kansas is also seeing unions trying to do what is going on in Illinois.

Sadly, this whole incident is little else but a payoff by Pat Quinn to his union campaign contributors. And it is stark evidence of how intertwined the SEIU is in Illinois politics.

Illinoisans join us and Say NO to ACORN.

Sign the petition and tell Governor Quinn that you want a real investigation to end corruption for good.

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