BREAKING: Democrat Senator Caught Paying Off Sexual Harassment Accuser With $27K In Taxpayer Dollars [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Democrat Senator Caught Paying Off Sexual Harassment Accuser With $27K In Taxpayer Dollars [VIDEO]

The parade of leftist pervs continues. Al Franken is still generating headlines and yesterday we had Charlie Rose and Glen Thrush. Now, we have Marxist Democrat John Conyers getting outed for a settlement he made in 2015 for sexual misconduct. And he used our tax dollars to settle through that nifty Congressional slush fund put in place for just such a political emergency. Paul McLeod and Lissandra Villa of BuzzFeed broke the story. Conyers is the longest serving Democrat in the House of Representatives. The woman he settled with claims he fired her because she wouldn’t have sex with him.

Four women have come out against Conyers, 88, over sexual assault. According to affidavits, he propositioned and inappropriately touched them. We don’t know who the woman is, but we do know she settled for $27,000 and signed an agreement to not blab about it. She sued Conyers for repeatedly propositioning her for sex. The woman felt pressured and compelled to accept the settlement because she feared Conyers and his power. She felt he could destroy her reputation and career. “I was basically blackballed,” she told BuzzFeed. “There was nowhere I could go.”

Among the allegations, Conyers is said to have asked a female staffer to touch his penis. He also rubbed female staffers’ legs and backs in public. He also ordered a female subordinate to use taxpayer money to fly women to his hotel room or apartment for sex. And Conyers pressured a number of his victims to stay quiet or he’d ruin them. This is totally in character for Conyers who is a progressive radical, as well as a communist.

Remember when he accused Trump of abusing his power? “President Trump seems to believe that on a whim he can bring pressure to bear on his enemies, dismiss charges against him, and insulate himself and his family from any consequences,” Conyers said. “I cannot overemphasize the danger of his perspective.” Isn’t that what Conyers has done here? He’s far more guilty than Trump in this regard… it’s called transference. I’d bet anything that if these women were allowed to come forward, that their allegations could be proven.

John Conyers and Maxine Waters have been bucking for impeachment for President Trump from the beginning. Which is rich, because they are two of the dirtiest politicians to ever walk this planet. Conyers and a group of Democrats recently filed a lawsuit to remove Trump from office, claiming abuse of power. Corrupt politicians should not throw stone cold allegations in glass houses. Congress has spent $17 million of taxpayer funds since 1997 to settle harassment claims filed against various lawmakers. The plaintiffs get paid off and are forced into silence legally to protect the identity and reputation of the scumbag politician who abused them. And we pay for all of it.

Conyers has served in the House for decades. He was active in the civil-rights movement and helped found the Congressional Black Caucus; he’s now the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), called the report “extremely troubling” in a statement released Tuesday. He noted he already had directed “the Committee on House Administration to conduct a full review of all policies and procedures related to workplace harassment and discrimination.”

None of this is surprising. What is surprising is that women enabled this kind of behavior and allowed themselves to be abused and threatened like this. This crap should have come out long ago. Conyers needs to go and DC needs an enema.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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