BREAKING: Former Bill Clinton Intern Drops BOMB… This Spells Big Trouble for Hillary

BREAKING: Former Bill Clinton Intern Drops BOMB… This Spells Big Trouble for Hillary

Now we get to hear from another White House intern from Bill Clinton’s days in the Oval Office. Natalie Plain shared a cubicle with Monica Lewinsky. She’s wondering if she had the chance would she have ‘engaged’ the president the way the lady in blue did. Billy Boy was friendly and outgoing with everyone. Hillary, not nearly so much. In fact, over the years I’ve heard story after story about what a witch she was and is. It’s no secret that Hillary thinks she is the brains behind Bill’s success. She feels the presidency is owed to her. But to do that, you really need people to at least like you. Hillary has been told to tone down her shrill laugh and relate to people more. She’s failing at it miserably. If I hear one more fake accent and that cackling again, I may have an embolism. The only ‘common touch’ Hillary has is her husband. He’s still jetting across the globe with buxom blondes. But then again, that may have been Hillary’s preference as well all along.


From IJReview:

A former White House intern who shared a cubicle with Monica Lewinsky has some insight into the personality of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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The Daily Mail reports that Natalie Plain says President Bill Clinton was gregarious and outgoing when she would see him in the White House.

But the L.A. woman said his wife, current presidential contender Hillary Clinton, struggled to hone the common touch that came so easily to her husband.

Plain said that Mrs. Clinton is “not a people person.” She also revealed Mrs. Clinton’s perception of her role in the White House as First Lady:

“Even when her husband was in office, she seemed to envy his popularity and power.

In her mind, she was the brains behind the operation and the more capable leader though her husband received the accolades because he was a man and the President.”

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign handlers have tried to soften the candidate’s image.

They’ve told her to keep her high pitched voice in a lower register and to laugh more:

Plain says she never knew her fellow intern was having sex with the president. She told Daily Mail that she often wondered if she would have “ingratiated” herself with the president if the opportunity arose.

On her company website, the former intern posed a provocative question: Could it have been her instead of Monica Lewinsky?


Plain started her own company, Billion Dollar Brows.

Her brow bars are all over the U.S. and have just been launched in the U.K.

Plain runs Billion Dollar Brows which has brow bars all over the US and will have them in the UK before long. Evidently, she is pining for Bill Clinton, while coming out with just how unlikable the Hildabeast has always been. Plain is evidently a successful entrepreneur, but her taste in men leaves something to be desired. Coming out like this is free publicity, so she’s capitalizing on it. Maybe she’s smarter than she sounds. She’s right about Hillary though… Clinton is possibly the least likable candidate I have seen in my lifetime. She makes political scum look good compared to her. Her resume includes accessory to murder, dereliction of duty, mishandling of national security issues, treason, perjury, lying, conspiracy and a whole long and seedy list of other dirty deeds. I guess she figures that qualifies her for the presidency after Bill’s escapades. Look for more interns and others to come out of the woodwork over the next year that spell trouble for Hillary. Grab your popcorn.

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