BREAKING: Maxine Waters FINALLY Caves On Trump… [AUDIO]

BREAKING: Maxine Waters FINALLY Caves On Trump… [AUDIO]

The narrative birthed by butt-hurt liberals about Trump and his collusion with Russians is over folks. The fat lady has sung and we can now put that ridiculous phase behind us.

It was such a waste of resources, but that’s the left for you. In all this time they have been given so many opportunities to recognize they were barking up the wrong tree, but never did. Now we have the Queen of liberal doubters actually admitting that there is in fact NO evidence showing any sort of collusion.

Not even one shred of evidence to back their ridiculous claims.

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Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, released a statement back in January that he had not come across any sort of evidence of collusion and he reiterated his position on it again during his testimony before the Senate on Monday.

Back in March, former acting director of the CIA Mike Morell, also weighed in with his two cents stating that not only was there no evidence, there was also NO reason to consider there would be.

Not even a ‘spark’.

Dianne Feinstein, who is on the Senate intel committee, was just briefed by the CIA on Sunday and she too added her conclusion to the others, that there was no evidence to back the left’s claim.

Surprisingly, even liberal Democrat, Chris Murphy, admitted there was ‘no direct evidence’ that could be found as of yet, although he tried his best to smooth that over by following up with: “We’re getting closer.”

Yea, whatever dude. No matter how many zeroes you have…they still all add up to zero.

Now, Maxine Waters herself…has finally allowed herself to join the truth brigade and give up on her mission to make Trump look like he’s a fraud and a criminal. Truly shocking right?

Don’t take my word for it though, you need to listen to it yourself.

You can do that, right here:

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