Bucking The Left’s Claims of GOP Racism, Utah’s Mia Love Takes Nomination

Why, oh, why can’t those racist, women-hating Republicans ever nominate a black woman to anything? I mean, those kindly leftists are right, those evil Republi… oh, wait. Looks like those lying Democrats are wrong again. We see in Utah where Mia Love has just overwhelmingly taken the GOP nomination to run for Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

Let’s see what the Democrats have to say about this nomination. They will probably stick their fingers in their ears and yell “la, la, la” at the top of their lungs to once again drown out the truth. Love herself told me “according to the left, I am not supposed to exist.”

Mia Love didn’t just win the nomination for Utah’s 4th, she ran away with it winning 70.4 percent of the vote with her opponent, an establishment guy, netting a paltry 29.6 percent.

In her address, Love said:

“Jim Matheson should be pretty frightened right now. He should be pretty scared,” she said after clinching the nomination. “He’s never gone against a candidate like me.”


“Today we have an opportunity to do something very special. Today we can start breaking a pattern,” Love exhorted delegates before the final vote. “Today we can start bringing Jim Matheson home. Elect one nominee today, so we can take this fight to Jim Matheson tomorrow.”

Love, the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, was offhandedly termed a “novelty” during the GOP convention by Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff who was supporting Love’s rival, Carl Wimmer. Needless to say, after Wimmer was crushed by party faithful, Shurtleff rushed to apologize to Love for the remark.

AG Shurtleff obviously meant nothing racist by the remark — he was simply hamhandedly noting that Love was very new to state-wide politics and a virtual unknown only months ago — but some feel that his badly received remark on the podium helped get Love the nomination.

But let’s not imagine there are hard feelings between Love’s insurgent candidacy and the Utah GOP good old boy network that backed Wimmer. After all, right there that very night, Carl Wimmer graciously jumped up on stage in support of Love urging the party to enthusiastically support her.

Mia Love will face incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson in November. Matheson is thought to be quite vulnerable. Redistricting made his current district less inviting so he jumped from his current 2nd District to the 4th District in a desperate bid to stay in Congress.

I interviewed Love at CPAC this year. I found her vivacious, exciting, and impressive. You will, too…

You can follow Mia Love (and donate to her campaign) at Love4Utah.com, follow on Twitter @MiaBLove, Facebook as well as YouTube.

Come on, folks. Let’s help send Mia Love to Congress.

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