CATO on Brown: This is like Ted Kennedy being elected in Utah

-By Warner Todd Huston

There’s a lot of analysis out there on why Scott Brown defeated nearly 50 years of Democratic rule of the Massachusetts Senate seat, but the CATO Institute has some cogent, logical points that we should all carefully consider.

But before I give you the CATO video, remember this…. it’s time to get serious, get to work and NOT time to get too cocky. Yes we won Virginia, yes we won New Jersey and now Massachusetts. But let’s make no grand assumptions, let’s not let down our guard, and let’s hear and learn these electoral lessons.

This is a formula that can be used in every state. Yes some of the issues that Scott Brown ran on are local, Massachusetts issues. But since the Democrats have been pretty successful in making the American political scene a national scene and not merely a local one, Brown’s campaign can serve as a successful template for every Republican campaign across the country.

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